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What’s New in IBM i 7.3 and IBM POWER8 Systems

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Duration: 3 Days

This course is designed to enable the students to acquire the skills necessary to prepare for installing and leveraging the new functions of IBM i 7.3 on POWER7 and POWER8 hardware.

The emphasis is on the hardware and software components introduced in 2015-2016 announcements of POWER8 hardware and the 2016 announcement of IBM i 7.3.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

• Describe the new models of POWER8

• Describe the significant POWER8 hardware

• Describe single root IO virtualization

• Describe the new enhancements to IBM i 7.3 software release

• Describe the major planning steps to upgrade to IBM i 7.3

• Describe the major enhancements of DB2

• Describe the major security enhancements

• Describe the enhancements to IBM i Access

• Describe the enhancements of IBM Navigator for i

• Describe the enhancements for application development

• Describe the enhancements to Open Source for IBM i

• Describe the enhancements IBM i mobile

• Describe PowerHA/DR strategy and product offerings

• Describe the major functions of PowerVC

• Describe the major functions of PowerVP

The following are recommended prerequisites:

•Basic understanding of Power Systems with IBM i architecture.

•Basic understanding of the support available in a current release of IBM i.

This course is intended for existing IBM i administrators, users, and support personnel.

Day 1

Unit 1 - IBM i 7.3 overview

Unit 2 - POWER8 overview

Unit 3 – POWER8 scale-out systems

Unit 4 – POWER8 scale-up systems

Unit 5 – POWER8 upgrade planning

Unit 6 – POWER8 I/O

Unit 7 – Upgrading to IBM i 7.3

Day 2

Unit 8 - DB2 for i enhancements in 7.3

Unit 9 – IBM i Services

Unit 10 - Systems management – Access Client Solutions

     Exercise 1 – Run SQL Scripts with Access Client Solutions

Unit 11 - Systems management – Navigator for i

Unit 12 - Systems management – Navigator for i – Performance Tasks

Day 3

Unit 13 – Security authority collection

     Exercise 2 – Explore security authority collection

Unit 14 - Application development and Open Source enhancements

Unit 15 - Mobile enhancements

Unit 16 – Networking enhancements

Unit 17 - BRMS enhancements

Unit 18 - PowerHA enhancements

Unit 19 – PowerVC Virtualization Center with IBM i

Unit 20 - PowerVP Virtualization Performance Intelligence


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