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Utilizing OneNote 2016 to its Fullest

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OneNote 2016: Practical uses and step by step instructions.

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Access Duration: 365 Days

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This course will give you the skills and knowledge to harness the power of OneNote to organize both your personal and professional lives. Learn how to utilize and expand upon OneNote’s practical uses and enhanced features to your advantage.

This course will start by teaching you to navigate OneNote’s screens and tab/ribbons. Once you are comfortable with navigating OneNote, we’ll move into working with the wide range of features and functions:

  • OneNote screen overview
    • Screen basics
    • Tabs/Ribbons
    • Contextual tabs
    • Key tips
  • Quick access toolbar
    • Adding commands/features to the quick access toolbar
    • Removing commands/features from the quick access toolbar
    • Changing the order of commands on the quick access toolbar
    • Moving the quick access toolbar
    • Resetting the quick access toolbar
  • Working with notebooks
    • Creating notebooks
    • Closing notebooks
    • Opening notebooks
  • Working with pages and sub-pages
    • Adding pages
    • Deleting pages
    • Moving pages
    • Creating sub-pages
    • Expanding and collapsing sub-pages
  • Working with sections and section groups
    • Creating sections
    • Creating section groups
    • Moving sections to a section group
    • Rearranging sections
  • Working with page content
    • Taking notes
      • Typing notes
      • Hand writing notes
      • Recording audio or video notes
      • Taking linked notes
      • Inserting notes from the web
    • Inserting pictures
    • Attaching files and inserting printouts
    • Working with content
      • Merging containers
      • Highlighting notes (typed text and objects)
      • Using bullets and numbering
      • Extracting text from pictures and file printouts
    • Creating links
      • Creating links to documents and directories
      • Creating links to web pages
      • Creating links to other OneNote pages
      • Editing links
    • Tagging notes
    • Searching
      • Searching notes
      • Turning on audio and video searching
  • Printing and exporting
    • Printing pages
    • Exporting notes as PDF files
  • Sharing notebooks
    • Sharing notebooks via invite
    • Removing users from shared notebooks
    • Creating shared links
    • Removing shared access
    • Additional information
  • Quick notes
    • Creating quick notes while using OneNote
    • Creating quick notes without opening OneNote
  • Utilizing OneNote in conjunction with Outlook
    • Creating to do lists
      • Creating OneNote to do list
      • Creating Outlook tasks from OneNote items
      • Marking tasks as complete
    • Managing Outlook meeting details
    • Sending notes via email

Step-by-step instructions for the features taught are included with the resources.

What you’ll learn?

At the end of this course you will have the knowledge and skill set to fully utilize OneNote to organize both your personal and professional life. The skills you take away from this course will allow you to incorporate OneNote’s orgainzational capabilities into all aspects of your life — meetings/class notes (written, audio, video), to do lists (projects, meetings, grocery lists), project planning, party planning…just to name a few.

Who this course is for?

  • This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to utilize OneNotes many features and functions.


  • You will need OneNote 2016 installed on your computer. However, many of the features and functions in this course can also be used by OneNote 2013 users.
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