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Outlook 365 / 2016 / 2019 Essential Quick-start

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Blast through emails and turbo-charge your day. Learn Outlook’s key features and strategies today to be more productive.

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Access Duration: 365 Days

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You become successful or get promoted by doing valuable activities – not emailing AND that’s why you should take this course.

Yes, there are a lot of things you CAN do with Outlook – but just because you CAN do it doesn’t mean it will make your life easier.

We are all about SIMPLIFYING your use of Outlook – We teach you the key FEATURES and give you a PROCESS to follow for handling emails. We keep it S-I-M-P-L-E. We show you how to have fewer emails and do fewer clicks to get the job done.

What you’ll learn?

  • You’ll have the tools to reduce your effort, maximize your performance and reduce your stress by minimizing incoming emails, automating the handling of emails, and have a proven process for handling emails requiring your action
  • Reduce the amount of time in Outlook handling emails to focus on higher value activities
  • Discover easily missed gems in the Outlook interface that will improve your speed dealing with emails
  • Learn how to automate processing of emails
  • Create one-click actions to lessen your workload
  • How to stop the endless email notifications
  • Ensure you don’t miss critical emails
  • To follow a proven process for handling incoming emails
  • How to prevent decision fatigue and make Outlook do the work

Included Materials That Can Be Printed

  • Cheat sheets
  • Post-course Success Checklist
  • and more…

This course is ideal:

  • For people who want to learn the features they will actually use daily that will simplify their life
  • If you’ve used other email programs and are new to Outlook
  • Beginner level – you’ve done basic emailing but never got any training in Outlook
  • Intermediate level – you’ve been using Outlook but you’re missing out on awesome features because you’ve been too busy

This course is NOT for:

  • Someone wanting to pass the Microsoft Certification. I want to help you speed through your emails, improve your productivity and reduce your stress… not take a test.

We use microlearning techniques – short, to-the-point videos that target specific areas to make it easy for you to learn exactly what you need when you need it.

Who this course is for?

  • If your inbox has more than 200 emails, then you need this course! Thousands? Then you really need it!
  • Course is applicable to new, beginner and intermediate skill levels.


  • Have Microsoft Outlook 365 / ProPlus / 2016 / 2013 and email account
  • Course uses Windows version of Outlook and shows Exchange and non-Exchange emails accounts

Sections & Lectures

Section 1: Outlook Interface Overview and Optimization

  • Lecture 1 – Section Introduction
  • Lecture 2 – Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and Ribbon
  • Lecture 3 – Tabs and Commands
  • Lecture 4 – Customizing Favorites
  • Lecture 5 – Navigation – Get more screen space
  • Lecture 6 – Status Line
  • Lecture 7 – Normal and Reading Mode
  • Lecture 8 – Quick Steps – multiple actions with ONE click!

Section 2: Get a better VIEW

  • Lecture 9 – Section Introduction
  • Lecture 10 – View Tab Options to Customize Your Outlook for Maximum Efficiency

Section 3: 4 D’s for Handling Emails

  • Lecture 11 – Section Introduction
  • Lecture 12 – The 4 D’s – Get ready to be more productive with less effort!
  • Lecture 13 – There’s more than one way to Delete!
  • Lecture 14 – Avoid Junk Email! How to use and save customizations
  • Lecture 15 – Archiving

Section 4: Rule the World with Rules

  • Lecture 16 – Section Introduction
  • Lecture 17 – Use Rules to automate!
  • Lecture 18 – Stop getting interrupted! Use special Rules to alert you for IMPORTANT emails

Section 5: Searching – Make Outlook do the work

  • Lecture 19 – Section Introduction
  • Lecture 20 – Search Folders – saving yourself from decision fatigue
  • Lecture 21 – Ad Hoc Searching and Filtering

Section 6: Productivity Tips!

  • Lecture 22 – Stop looking at your Inbox – View your schedule and To Do’s
  • Lecture 23 – Automatic Replies and Schedule Time for Emails
  • Lecture 24 – Daily Schedule with Priorities

Section 7: BONUS Topics

  • Lecture 25 – Signatures – Create and Backup
  • Lecture 26 – Backup Quick Steps
  • Lecture 27 – Exporting Contacts, Notes and Tasks

Section 8: Success Checklist and Wrap Up

  • Lecture 28 – Checklist and Wrap Up
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