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NetApp ONTAP Troubleshooting

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How to keep your cluster up and running.

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Access Duration: 365 Days

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In this training you will learn how to troubleshoot common problems in the Netapp ONTAP cluster environment.

You will get familiar with causes of problems and learn how to solve the problems and fix your cluster. This training is aimed at students who either have some-hands on experience or have followed the ONTAP CLI administration training. This training is somewhat advanced, but if you are eager to learn, you will probably like this.

What you’ll learn?

Think about how ONTAP works and how you can fix things when ONTAP gets confused, or you.

Who this course is for?

ONTAP administrators or future ONTAP administrators.


You should have some ONTAP hands-on experience, or you should have attended an Administration training. When taking this training you will benefit more if you have a Netapp Ontap simulator running. In other words, it is time for a deeper dive.

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