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NetApp ONTAP Fundamentals


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The way to get you up to speed with NetApp’s ONTAP.

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Access Duration: 365 Days

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What you’ll learn?

You will be able to work on a NetApp cluster and find your way in aggregates, volumes, networking and protocols. This training is divided in two Levels, and contains 20 Modules. Level one is the introduction to disks, aggregates, volumes and networking. Levels explore the same topics at a somewhat deeper level, and also includes 4 modules on protocols. The last module is on WAFL and snapshots.

In this training you will be introduced to the NetApp ONTAP environment. You will mainly work from the command-line. We will start from scratch and no ONTAP knowledge or experience is required. By the end of this training you will have a good understanding of the main functions and protocols and should be able to manage an ONTAP cluster, at a junior admin level to the least.

The training is constructed of two levels, the first level is absolutely basic. Once you are up to speed, we will enter level two and you will work with more advanced features of the topics that are selected for this training.

The main topics are: Disks and Aggregates, Volumes, Networking, and Protocols. These main topics are presented at the two different levels. Then there will be some additional topics like WAFL and snapshots.

Also, all the texts that are used in the presentation will be available as downloadable PDF files in the resource section of the course.

We have tried to limit every lecture to 10 minutes. Sometimes we went a little further, sometimes we ran a little short. But our intention is to keep it tight and neat.

We hope you will have a valuable experience.

Who this course is for?

Future NetApp administrators.


Knowledge is not an issue. You will need a laptop or desktop to run the simulator, or you should bring an existing lab environment.

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