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Influencing Without Authority

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You have probably experienced this frustrating dilemma: how do you exert enough influence to get the job done when you're not given enough authority to do so? If you work in a project environment, you know that you need powerful interpersonal skills to influence team members who are not directly accountable to you. But how?

In this seminar you will learn a variety of communications methods to increase effectiveness in a number of situations and across stakeholder groups. Participants will also learn strategies for influencing and developing valuable relationships to meet program and organizational goals. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of interpersonal influence to your personal and organizational success 
  • Recognize and enhance the sources of power that you can tap into to increase your capacity to influence 
  • Know how to establish credibility 
  • Understand the 8 options available to you when attempting to influence others 
  • Recognize your influence strategy preferences as well as identify influence practices for improvement
  • Better understand how to build alliances and coalitions 
  • Be better prepared to use 10 specific skills required to enhance your communicate 
  • Master practical ways to persuade others and have your voice heard. 
  • Know how to apply interpersonal communication skills to build trust and rapport, ask the right questions and find common ground 

Day 1: Learn the skills of influence

  • The management effectiveness formula:
  • The importance of your mindset
  • Developing an effective influence mindset
  • Positivity navigating organizational politics
  • Understanding the sources of power and how you develop them
  • How to built credibility
  • 8 practices of influencing others
  • Diagnosing the avenues of influence: how to construct an influence map
  • Developing attending skills to build partnership and enhance relationships
  • how to build rapport
  • how to listen to make the other person feel heard
  • building trust by creating a larger open arena

Day 2: Practice the skills of influence

  • Getting your voice heard: how to communicate persuasively
  • 6 forms of evidence to frame a proposal
  • How to give constructive feedback and have it heard and acted on
  • The modern day fable: Practice persuading and attending skills
  • Flexing and adapting your influence style
  • Influencing teams: How to diagnose the avenues of influence within a team
  • Team mapping case study
  • Practical application: mapping a back-home team
  • How to plan a currency exchange: creating win/win agreements
  • Practice: Conducting a currency exchange. 

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