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IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote 9.5 Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler Fundamentals

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Duration: 2 Days

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This course is a 2-day self-paced virtual course introduces you to the fundamentals of the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler application. The student is introduced to the omni-configurator which is a significant feature of the Sterling Configure Price Quote v9.5.

You are introduced to the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler application, its architecture, and the proposed integration with external systems. You are then introduced to the basic concepts such as, model groups, models, option class, option items, and option groups.

Further into the course, you will learn about concepts such as, Properties, Lists, Rules and Constraints, and Reporting tools.

Through a combination of procedural information and exercises, students can reinforce the concepts that they have learnt. Each unit has a checkpoint for the students to revisit the learnings for a module.

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the underlying architecture of the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler.
  • Create model groups, models, and option groups.
  • Describe properties and lists for a model.
  • Define rules and option constraints.
  • Describe miscellaneous features pertaining to the application.

Before taking this course, students should have completed:

  • 6F104G - IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote v9.5 Configuring Item and Pricing (SPVC) (6F104G)

This course is designed to train developers and implementers.

The following topics will be covered during this course:

  • Course Overview
  • Unit 1: Introduction to IBM Sterling Business Center
    • Lesson 1.1: Introduction to Item and Pricing Concepts
    • Lesson 1.2: Introduction to IBM Sterling Business Center
      • Exercise 1.2.1: Navigate the Sterling Business Center
  • Unit 2: Item Administration
    • Lesson 2.1: Catalog Management
      • Exercise 2.1.1: Create a Catalog and a Category
    • Lesson 2.2: Item Administration
      • Exercise 2.2.1: Create an Item
      • Exercise 2.2.2: Create a Classification
    • Lesson 2.3: Manage Attributes
      • Exercise 2.3.1: Assign Attribute Values to an Item
    • Lesson 2.4: Services and Fulfillment Configuration
      • Exercise 2.4.1: Create a Service Delivery Item
    • Lesson 2.5: Customer Definitions
      • Exercise 2.5.1: Create a customer
      • Exercise 2.5.2: Create a Customer Membership Level
  • Unit 3: Pricing Administration
    • Lesson 3.1: Price Lists
      • Exercise 3.1.1: Create a Price List
    • Lesson 3.2: Pricing Rules
      • Exercise 3.2.1: Create a Pricing Rule
    • Lesson 3.3: Coupons
      • Exercise 3.3.1: Create a Coupon
    • Lesson 3.4: Price Types
      • Exercise 3.4.1: Create a Price Type
  • Unit 4: System Configurations
    • Lesson 4.1: System Customizations
      • Exercise 4.1.1: Perform Master Data Upload
      • Exercise 4.1.1: Add an Extensible Attribute
    • Lesson 4.2: System Tasks
  • Course Wrap Up


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