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IBM Content Navigator Administration

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Duration: 3 Days

This course begins with an introduction to IBM Content Navigator. You learn how to view, add, and search for content in the web client.
The course then shows how to configure IBM Content Navigator and customize the web client without writing any code. You learn how to connect to repositories, create new desktops, define Cross-Repository Search, create Teamspaces, configure IBM Content Navigator Sync services and Sync client, and work with Entry Templates. You learn how to customize the desktop appearance, modify Menus, Icons, and Labels, create a Viewer Map, and register a Plug-in.
This course also provides training on IBM Content Navigator and Box integration.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to do the following tasks in IBM Content Navigator:
View, add, and search for content in IBM Content Navigator
Configure a Repository
Create a Desktop
Define a Cross-Repository Search
Create a Teamspace and a Template
Sync content across multiple devices
Resolve sync conflicts
Configure IBM Content Navigator Sync services and Sync client
Build an entry template to add documents
Associate entry templates to a folder
Customize property layouts for entry templates
Configure entry template management
Customize the Desktop Appearance
Modify Menus, Icons, and Labels
Create a Viewer Map
Register a Plug-in
View, add, and search for Box content in IBM Content Navigator
Configure a Box repository in IBM Content Navigator

  •  Familiarity with content management concepts
  •  Recommended: Familiarity with Box.
  •  Recommended: IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2.1: Introduction (F280G)
  •  Recommended: IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2.1: Work with Object Metadata (F282G)
  • Anyone who needs to know the IBM Content Navigator and its features
  • Administrators who are responsible for configuring and administering IBM Content Navigator system
  • Application Builders who implement solutions by using IBM Content Navigator

Unit 1. Introduction to IBM Content Navigator

View Content
What is IBM Content Navigator?
IBM Content Navigator Architecture and capabilities
Preview a document, create annotations for a document
Add documents and folders to Favorites
Add Content
Create folders and Add documents
Check out and Check in a document
Document Versions
Add a link to an external document
Search for content
Search View, Search Criteria
Save a Search
Search Results Display
Content Based Search
Text Search Options
Introduction to Advanced features
Features and capabilities in IBM Content Navigator
Launch a workflow and Process a work item
Entry Templates
IBM Content Navigator Sync
IBM Content Navigator administration tool

Unit 2. IBM Content Navigator Configuration

Configure a Repository
IBM Content Navigator administration tool
IBM Content Navigator Web Client Components
IBM Content Navigator supported repositories
Configure a Repository
Create a Desktop
Configure IBM Content Navigator desktops
Configure a desktop - General, Repositories, and Layout tabs
Configure Content Navigator for Workflows
Export desktops
Define a Cross-Repository Search
Cross-Repository Search features
Cross-repository searches settings
Property mappings
Run cross-repository searches
Send search results as an email
Save cross repository search
Repository settings for cross-repository searches
Desktop settings for building searches
Create and Manage Teamspaces
What is a Teamspace?
Roles for Teamspace users
Enable Teamspace usage on a repository
Teamspace Templates
Teamspace Templates Export and Import

Unit 3. IBM Content Navigator Sync

Sync content across multiple devices
IBM Content Navigator Sync
Add documents or folders to the repository from sync folder
Enable Sync for a IBM Content Navigator Teamspace
IBM Content Navigator Sync: Conflict Resolution
Configure IBM Content Navigator Sync services
Sync Server Summary page
Enable Sync services for a repository
Enable Sync services for an IBM Content Navigator desktop
IBM Content Navigator Sync client Settings and Preferences
Local sync folder structure
Guidelines to optimize Sync service operations
IBM Content Navigator Sync Client: Troubleshooting

Unit 4. IBM Content Navigator Entry Templates

Build Entry Templates
IBM Content Navigator Entry Templates
Entry Templates Manager View, Filters, and actions
Create Entry Templates
Associate entry templates with folders
Customize Property Layouts
Entry Templates - Edit Layout
Layout tool, Containers, and Properties Palette
Property Layout - Settings
Custom Property Layout at Runtime
Configure Entry Template Management
IBM FileNet Entry Templates - Required add-ons
Configure IBM FileNet Entry Templates for a repository
Enable Entry template management
Security settings for entry templates in repository
Entry Templates Manager Feature for a desktop

Unit 5. Customize an IBM Content Navigator Desktop

Customize the Desktop Appearance
Custom themes and color Palette
Customize Banner
Login page configuration
Modify Menus, Icons, and Labels
Create custom menus
Customize the icons
Create an Icon Mapping for MIME Types
Customize labels
Create a Viewer Map
Viewer Maps
Fallback Viewers
Viewers that support all MIME types
Associate a Viewer Map with a desktop
Register a Plug-in
IBM Content Navigator Plug-ins

Unit 6. IBM Content Navigator and Box Integration

View Box Content in IBM Content Navigator
Browse to Box folders and documents
View and edit Box document properties
Add and view comments
Export Box document properties to a file
Preview content in Content Navigator Viewer
View Box Notes
Add Box Content in IBM Content Navigator
Create a Box folder
Add a Box document
Move a Box document or a folder to another folder
Copy a Box document to another repository
Share a document from an ECM repository securely through Box
Add a Box document to Favorites
Check Out and Check In documents
Add a Web Link
Search for Box content in IBM Content Navigator
IBM Content Navigator Search view
Search options and scope
Content based search
Property based search
Search for Web Links
Cross-Repository Search
Enable Cross-Repository Search
Create a Cross-Repository Search
Property Mapping
Run the Cross-Repository Search
Configure a Box repository in IBM Content Navigator
Configure Box repository in Content Navigator
Add the Box repository to a Content Navigator desktop
Set Box repository as the default for Browse
Configure task manager
Enable Box Share Services for a desktop
Set Share Administrator for the Box repository
Configure Box Share and Box Copy for a repository
Box Authentication: OAuth2 Protocol

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