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From Doing to Leading – Leading with Impact

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Duration: 1 day

Making the transition from an individual contributor to a people leader is both a challenge and an opportunity. As a people leader, you must transition from doing the work yourself to getting the work done with and through others. It requires a shift of mindset to take on new accountabilities that support your direct reports and the organization as a whole.

In this course, you will explore these new accountabilities and learn new skills and processes that help you balance priorities, overcome roadblocks, earn respect, and establish credibility.

Benefits for the Individual

  • Enhanced knowledge of critical leadership accountabilities
  • Increased awareness of opportunities for personal development of leadership capabilities
  • Improved ability to prioritize your activities as a people leader and manage your workload
  • Greater clarity on the impact of earning respect and establishing credibility as a leader
  • Increased confidence to manage people

Benefits for the Organization

  • Improved leadership capability
  • Greater clarity and common understanding of key leadership accountabilities
  • Enhanced engagement of leaders in their roles
  • Accountabilities of your people leadership role
  • Opportunities for development in your leadership role
  • Plan your time allocation to reflect your accountabilities
  • Utilize a system to set priorities for yourself and your direct reports
  • Develop your credibility as a people leader in your organization

Leaders at all levels: new managers, supervisors, team leaders, project managers, or seasoned managers wishing to enhance their current skill set

1. Pat's Story

  • Short scenario about a leader who is struggling with the work they must get done

2. Shifting Your Mindset

  • How to see your role and accountabilities as a people leader

3. People Leader Accountabilities

  • Difference between responsibilities and accountabilities
  • People Leader Accountabilities

4. Identifying My Opportunities for Development

  • Building on the People Leader Accountabilities to create an Opportunities for Development plan

5. Allocating Your Time as a People Leader

  • Priority Quadrant - a tool to help determine high and low priority tasks
  • Tasks that could/should be delegated vs. those that should be completed by the leader

6. Judgment

  • Exploring the concept of judgment
  • Determining when and by whom work will get done

7. Keeping a Daily Priority List

  • Guidelines for creating a daily priority list

8. Overcoming Roadblocks

  • Roadblocks that might prevent you from getting things done

9. Earning Respect and Establishing Credibility

  • A key factor to successful leadership is getting people to follow willingly

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