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Effective Business Writing

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Duration: 1 day

Almost every professional position requires some form of business writing, and how you write can have a significant impact on how others judge you and your ideas. Writing is a skill, and you can improve your ability to express your ideas clearly and concisely. In this course, you'll learn best practices for business writing and how to use a practical business style to make your writing more effective. You'll also get tips for editing your work and guidelines for composing emails and other electronic communication.

Virtual short courses do not include materials or headsets.

  • How to select the right format for your message based on your audience and context
  • The benefits of keeping business writing simple and brief
  • The questions to ask yourself to focus your writing
  • Tips for avoiding wordiness
  • How to organize and format briefs, letters, proposals, and reports

All professionals

1. Introduction

  • The Importance of Writing Effectively
  • Factors to Consider

2. Best Practices for Business Writing

  • Know Your Audience and Purpose
  • Present a Clear, Simple Message
  • Prepare an Outline
  • Begin with Your Main Point
  • Say What You Mean
  • Try to Express, Not Impress
  • Keep It Short
  • Get Names and Titles Right
  • Proofread, Revise, Proofread
  • Practice Editing

3. Business Style

  • Structure Leads to Quality
  • Business Style Is Practical, Not Pretty
  • Point of View and Tone
  • Pay Attention to Formatting and Consistency
  • Avoid Wordiness
  • Trim Your Writing and Proofread

4. Electronic Communication

  • Online Chat, Text Messages, and Quick E-Mails
  • Memos and Formal E-Mail
  • E-Mail Rules
  • Responding to E-Mail
  • Reducing Email Clutter

5. Briefs and Letters

  • Writing Briefs
  • Rules for Writing Letters
  • Letter Framework

6. Reports and Proposals

  • Purpose of Reports and Proposals
  • Reports: First Steps
  • Report Style
  • Components of Reports and Proposals

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