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Digital Transport Adapter Control System Foundation

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Duration: 3 Days

The Operating a Cisco DTA Control System instructor-led course takes a task-oriented approach to teaching the skills that are necessary to understand and operate a Cisco® Digital Transport Adapter Control System (DTACS) for subscriber digital transport adapter (DTA) management. DTAs enable subscribers to watch digital broadband services on analog televisions. The DTACS allows service providers to control and perform remote services on the DTAs in subscriber homes. This course will teach you the skills that are needed to manage, operate, and maintain the DTAs and associated services.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Use the DNCS to access and control the DTACS system
  • Perform administrative tasks for the DTACS
  • Manage DTAs using the DNCS and the DTACS WUI
  • View and manage DNCS configurations for proper DTACS operation
  • Perform basic maintenance on the DTACS server

Following are the prerequisites for this course:

  • Activating and Operating a DSN course
  • Practical experience operating a DNCS

This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to operate the Cisco
DTA Control Server in a DBDS network. The primary audience for this course includes:

  • System engineers
  • Technical support personnel
  • Channel partners, resellers

DTACS Fundamentals
  • Using DTAs to Provide Video
  • Managing DTAs with a DTACS
  • DTACS in DBDS Architecture

DNCS Settings for DTACS
  • Verifying DNCS Settings for DTACS
  • Modifying Source Definitions and Packages
  • Modifying Channel Maps

DTACS Operations
  • Viewing DTAs
  • Adding and Removing DTAs from the DTACS
  • Managing VCTs
  • Synchronizing Databases
  • Delivering Image Files to DTAs

DTACS Management
  • Managing Users for DTACS
  • DTA System Data
  • Understanding Processes on the DTACS Server
  • Exploring Tiered Services and SCP
  • Examining DTA Diagnostics

Broadcast Service Groups in v1.2
  • Using BSGs for DTAs

Lab Outline

  • Lab Tour 1-1: Lab Tour with DTAs
  • Lab 2-1: DNCS Provisioning
  • Lab 3-1: DTACS Provisioning
  • Lab 3-2: DTA Images
  • Lab 4-1: DTACS User Management
  • Lab 4-2: Exploring Tiered Services and SCP: Creating Packages with Sources Needing SCP
  • Lab 4-3: Exploring Tiered Services and SCP: Adding Packages to a New VCT

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