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Deploy, Maintain, and Troubleshoot Cisco IOS XR

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Duration: 5 Days

  • Configuration Management&mdash,Provides an overview of configuration management in Cisco IOS XR Software and the function of the Sysdb service. It explains how data moves between the Sysdb and line cards. The module explains the use of the binary configuration and examines the binary files in the commitdb directories.
  • AAA Security&mdash,Explains AAA security and the AAA security functions. It defines task-based authorization using task groups and user groups and explains how to configure task-based security and user security policies in Cisco IOS XR Software. The module explains the role of Management Plane Protection and how to implement it. You also create a TACACS+ AAA configuration on the router, and you create user and router policies on the TACACS+ server. The module also reviews the CLI commands you can use to monitor andtroubleshoot AAA security operations.
  • Monitoring the Cisco IOS XR Software Operating System&mdash,Explains the architecture of the Cisco IOS XR Software operating system. It describes both the logical and physical architecture and the major components of the operating system. This module also introduces the commands used to monitor the Cisco IOS XR Software system.
  • Monitoring Processes&mdash,Describes the mandatory processes in Cisco IOS XR Software. It explains how to identify and locate abnormal memory usage and how to monitor system performance. The module describes how to monitor problems relating to process failures, stuck processes, and high CPU consumption processes. It also identifies the types of information to capture before contacting Cisco Technical Support.
  • Interprocess Communication&mdash,Describes how IPC occurs in Cisco IOS XR Software. It explains the ways in which processes perform message passing, and it describes the methods and mechanics of IPC.
  • Network Time Synchronization&mdash,Describes the function of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server and explains the service modes. The module also presents the commands used to configure and verify the NTP server.
  • Error Messages and Core Dumps&mdash,Provides an overview of system error messages and core dumps. It explains how to interpret logging messages and to configure exception reporting and logging. The module also explains how to manually generate a core dump and use core dump information for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Cisco IOS XR Software Packet Forwarding&mdash,Examines the show commands that you can use to troubleshoot packet flow on the normal, exception, and &ldquo,for-us&rdquo, data paths.
  • Troubleshooting Traffic Flow on the Cisco CRS-1 Router&mdash,Describes how to trace packet flow through the Cisco CRS-1 line cards and switching fabric using show commands. It explains how to interpret the command output to identify and isolate fault conditions. This module also describes how to control switching fabric components.
  • Cisco IOS XR Software Emergency Recovery Procedures&mdash,Describes emergency recovery procedures for operating system recovery, CRS-1 and Cisco IOS XR 12000 system recovery, and Cisco IOS XR Software configuration and password recovery.
  • Troubleshooting Cisco XR 12000 Traffic Flow&mdash,Describes packet flow through the Cisco IOS XR 12000 line cards and explains how to troubleshoot packet flow issues in the switching fabric. This module also identifies and isolates faults using the information in show command output.
  • Deploying and Verifying QoS on the Cisco CRS-1 Router&mdash,Describes QoS processing on the Cisco CRS-1 line card and switching fabric. It explains the QoS mechanisms used for control and local traffic. This module also presents the modular QoS CLI (MQC) commands used to configure and verify QoS for traffic.

This course provides you with the knowledge and skill sets required to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco IOS®, XR Software in a typical network environment. You will learn the fundamental concepts on which the operating system is based in order to understand how to troubleshoot problems relating to process crashes, stuck processes, high CPU consumption processes, and interprocess communication (IPC) functions. You will learn to interpret log messages and configure exception reporting and logging as well as emergency recovery procedures for operating system recovery, Cisco®, CRS-1 system recovery, Cisco XR 12000 Series system recovery, and Cisco IOS XR Software configuration and password recovery. In addition, you will use system commands to monitor interfaces and controllers. You will learn to troubleshoot traffic flow issues through both Cisco CRS-1 and XR 12000 series routers. This course explains the components and mechanisms involved in quality-of-service (QoS) processing of transit traffic as well as control and local traffic.This course combines lecture materials and hands-on labs throughout to make sure that you are able to successfully deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot the Cisco IOS XR Software on Cisco CRS-1 and XR 12000 series routers in your network.

  • Completion of the Cisco CRS-1 Essentials course, or Cisco XR 12000 Series Essentials, Cisco ASR 9000 Essentials, or Cisco IOS XR Software Fundamentals
  • Fundamental knowledge of Cisco IOS XR Software configuration and operation
  • Experience maintaining and troubleshooting the Cisco IOS XR Software routers in a service provider or enterprise production environment

This course is intended for network professionals (including designers, implementers), network operations center (NOC) personnel, and support staff, who are involved with the deployment, operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Cisco routers that run the Cisco IOS XR Software operating system.

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