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Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)


This course will not only prepare you to take the CCSP exam but will also help you to understand many of the complexities of cloud solutions.

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Access Duration: 365 Days

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Hello, and welcome to Digital Revolver and my Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) course! My name is John Hackmeyer, but you can call me Hack. If you are reading this, it is likely because you already realize the importance that secure cloud offerings play in our world. Cloud adoption is accelerating by the day as more and more organizations realize the myriad benefits that can come by moving part of, or even all of, their operations to the cloud.

Regardless of whether you work for a cloud service provider (CSP), a cloud customer, or if you are a consultant, your value to your organization and your customers will be greater if you understand these evolving business models. One of the best ways to market your knowledge is through certification. The ISC2 has a long history of creating valuable, vendor agnostic certifications, and the CCSP is no exception. There is no doubt that your life will be impacted by cloud solutions, so congratulations on taking this step in furthering your education!

In learning about cloud solutions, you will see that topics you are familiar with in legacy environments are not as simple. There are challenges that exist in cloud solutions that either do not exist in legacy environments or are more complex when looked at through the lens of a cloud provider or cloud customer. This course will not only prepare you to take the CCSP exam, but it will also help you to understand some of the complexities of cloud solutions as they pertain to architecture, design, operations, compliance, and of course, security.

As a long time educator, my greatest wish is that you not only learn the material in this course, but that you enjoy it and apply it in any way possible to enhance your career. Thank you very much for allowing me to take you on this journey!

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